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From the glorious 5. The phone has a generous 3, mAh battery, dual band WiFi Moto X Finally, an Android smartphone that caters to ergonomics and usability with handy features like an active sleep screen that keeps you informed and always-on voice command. The Moto X will be available on all major US carriers and it has a 4. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.

The Mega-sized Galaxy with a 6. Yet it's still a phone and it has the usual calling features, speaker and built-in mic. This is a mid-range device with a fairly low price tag, but for those who use data and apps more than calling, the Mega 6. It has a 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active If you love the Samsung Galaxy S4 but need a water and dust resistant smartphone that can survive poolside splashes and an accident with cocoa powder when baking, the Galaxy S4 Active is your phone.

It has the same internals, software and apps as the non-Active model, and that means you get a very fast 1. The phone has an 8MP camera a downgrade from the GS4 but as a consolation it has an underwater photo mode. No pun intended; yes it's a large 5. The removable battery, microSD card slot and excellent 13 megapixel camera round up a very solid feature set.

Yes, you could call it an evolutionary device, but the new features love 'em or hate 'em are more than evolutionary. When a phone watches you and responds to your movements, that's something new and exciting and sometimes crazy making. Perhaps it's a revolutionary smartphone trapped in an evolutionary casing?

Then there's the striking aluminum casing that gives the iPhone 5 a run for your money and excellent BoomSound stereo speakers up front where they belong. Better yet, it's available on three of the top four US carriers and HTC sells an unlocked GSM edition for those who like their autonomy and unlocked bootloaders. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This 8" Android tablet has all the features of the larger Note The only drawback? The price. But if you need the precise digital pen, it's worth the price of admission. Pantech Discover Pantech isn't known for their high end phones, but that's changing with elegantly designed, well equipped Android smartphones like the Pantech Discover.

The phone has a 4. The Discover has a 1.

The Discover has large side-facing stereo speakers and a If it's a smartphone you add a few more cores while cranking clock speed, increase battery capacity and cram in 64 gigs of internal storage. The iconic unibody polycarbonate design, superb 4. This Android 4. This is the first US smartphone to run the 1. Both run LG's Optimus UI with compelling features that we actually find useful, even if we're still not fond of their icon selection.

Soon to be joined by the similarly priced LG Escape; the Flex offers some reasonably high end features like a 1. It's a slim and good looking phone, and doesn't have that chunky budget look of previous Pantech models in this price range. The phone runs a clean version of Android 4. The bad news? It ships with Gingerbread, but it will get ICS as an over the air upgrade.

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The polycarbonate unibody design is stunning, the p Super LCD wraps around the front of the phone in a show of colors and crispness and the phone is fast thanks to Qualcomm's fourth generation Snapdragon "Krait" 1. If that's not enough, the 8MP camera has a BSI sensor, fast lens, p video recording with neato options like panorama, slow motion video and simultaneous video and photo recording. This Android smartphone is a pocket tablet with a 5. The phone has a Wacom dual digitizer and comes with a pen that tucks neatly into a silo. The Burst isn't particularly thin but it's not bad looking and it feels and looks well made.

If you're looking for a fast Android smartphone with LTE but don't want to spend too much, be sure to check out the Burst. What's so hot about this Android smartphone? It runs on the same dual core 1. Good stuff, no? The HTC Vivid it has a 1. It runs Android OS 2. That doesn't mean the Atrix 2 isn't an excellent high end Android smartphone.

What's improved from the original Atrix? The Atrix 2 has a larger 4. Text is easier to read on the larger display, and movies are more enjoyable too. The Atrix 2 has Webtop and works with the optional Lapdock that turns it into a an ultraportable notebook of sorts. That's not a bad thing since the phone keeps the manageable yet capacious 4. Did we mention that it's literally pencil-thin? It has a slide-out Playstation controller that's a working copy of the console controller.

It makes gaming much more enjoyable and you can select from a healthy selection of titles in the Market once you've played through the included games. The Thrill has a 4. The phone is large and solidly built, with LG's signature soft touch back that's highlighted with a metal strip that houses dual camera lenses and an LED flash.

We particularly like the selection of 3D apps and LG's adjustable 3D effect. It's fast, 3D is fun and this is the first phone that makes us want 3D. It has a Facebook button that launches the app, and it supports Facebook chat. There's plenty of other social networking and messaging goodness in this compact Android 2.

We like the excellent hardware keyboard, but the 2. The Status has a front video chat camera and a rear 5 megapixel autofocus camera that takes decent shots. This Android OS 2. Motorola Atrix 4G The Motorola Atrix is currently the fastest Android phone on the market, and it's one of the most innovative thanks to a line of super-accessories like the Lapdock and HD Multimedia dock that turn it into a laptop or desktop computer of sorts. The Atrix also has the highest resolution among Android phones with a 4", x pixel display. It runs on Android OS 2.

The unibody aluminum alloy body is sumptuous and the 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash does p video with aplomb. The Inspire runs Android OS 2. It's quickly become one of our favorite Android smartphones. The Tab has a 7" capacitive display running at x and Android OS 2. Dell Streak We confess, we've got a little crush on the big Dell Streak. With a 5" super-sharp display, Android and full phone capabilities, this is a very versatile smartphone and tablet.

The Streak is gorgeous looking and it boasts high quality materials including a metal back cover and Gorilla Glass. If you're looking for a pocket computer and Internet tool first and a voice phone second, the Streak is well worth a look. The Flipout is a standout in terms of looks and it's easy to pocket too. But the QVGA display is limiting and not the best looking we've seen. The Flipout runs Android OS 2. We like. No, it's not perfect, but Samung's first high end Android phone can definitely compete with the big guys.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson has gone through quite a few smartphone operating systems in the past few years. Now they're on Android, a hot and exciting new smartphone OS, and that's a good thing. These days touch screen smartphones are livin' large, so if you want something that easily fits in a pocket, the Aria is one of the few. It's a solid mid-range Android phone with a 3.

Motorola Backflip The Backflip gets its name from the unusual reverse clamshell design. It's a polarizing design that will have you doing backflips or calling it the "Backflop". We like the design since the 3. The 5 megapixel autofocus camera is better than average for a mid-tier smartphone. It looks like a miniature Palm Pre Plus and does all the same things the Pre does too. Though usability suffers when you shrink a phone this much, the Veer could appeal to those upgrading from features phones and those who despise behemoth smartphones. The Veer 4G runs webOS 2. Other goodies include WiFi It's features are identical to the Pixi Plus on Verizon , but it's a bit more responsive thanks to Palm's continued tweaks and improvements.

The Pixi Plus is a great starter smartphone that's fun and easy to use, yet powerful. Features include a capacitive multi-touch display, an excellent web browser with pinch zoom, WiFi, Bluetooth, a GPS and 8 gigs of storage.


LG Escape official, launching on September 16 for $ with AT&T 4G LTE in tow | PhoneDog

With a 3. Well worth a look if the iPhone doesn't float your boat. Heck, it's worth a look even if it does. BlackBerry Passport video review BlackBerry is back with a flourish. The Passport is certainly a unique phone that's wider than the average supesized smartphone. Though it's a challenge to hold and pocket, the design affords a useful wider display and roomy hardware keyboard that's a joy to use. For those who talk and text more than surf the web and watch videos, the BlackBerry Q10 is your phone.

The keyboard is excellent and the phone has very good voice quality. Inside, it runs on the same internals as the already released BlackBerry Z The BlackBerry Z10 is a slab touchscreen smartphone with a 4. It has a removable battery and microSD card slot, an increasingly rare set of features. The phone runs on a 1.

The Z10 is fast, fun and stable: BlackBerry is off to a good start. Microsoft Lumia It's been a long time since we've seen a high end Lumia phone. More than a year, in fact. Microsoft is back at it with the Lumia , a 5. The Lumia has an excellent 20MP rear camera with Zeiss lens, and it supports Microsoft Continuum that allows you to turn your pocket-friendly phone into a desktop PC stand-in.

The XL has a 5. It runs Windows Phone 8. It has a 5MP wide angle front camera and a capable 13MP rear camera. Nokia Lumia Think of the Lumia as the affordable and slightly more pocketable version of the excellent Nokia Lumia Icon and Lumia It has the same elegant design with a metal frame, but it adds goodies like a removable battery and microSD card slot. The specs are dropped down from the more expensive Lumia Icon, and the Lumia has a 5", x IPS display and it runs on the 1.

That might not be a class-leading camera resolution, but the photos and videos are quite good for a midrange phone. Nokia Lumia And now for those who want something smaller than the Nokia Lumia , we have the Nokia Lumia smartphone, released at the same time as Nokia's first Windows tablet. The Lumia has a few firsts as well: Though the 6" Lumia might be too big for some, there's no denying the temptations of a Windows Phone that finally competes spec for spec with flagship Android phones. Nokia Lumia The Nokia Lumia is the latest, greatest Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone, and it's got something very special: It's not as bulky as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and it looks much like the Lumia , complete with a curved polycarbonate unibody design, curved Gorilla Glass 3 display and 4.

Does it steal the show? If you're a shutterbug, the answer is a definite "yes". The soft touch finish and pyramid design with tapering sides is comfy and grippy, and the phone looks like none other on the market. The HTC 8X has a 4. From the super-sharp and bright 4. It runs on a 1. The 8. The phone is fast, fun and easy to use and it won't break the bank either.

HTC Titan II Sequels aren't always that exciting, but when you take an already popular and solid smartphone and add exciting features like LTE 4G and a whopping 16 megapixel camera, you've got our attention. But it's that big screen and 16MP camera that really steal the show. The Lumia looks a lot like its little brother the Lumia that's sold overseas.

The Nokia is distinctive, attractive and durable thanks to a sculpted unibody polycarbonate housing and Gorilla Glass display. It runs Windows Phone 7. Now that big phones are the trend, they've once again made one of the largest screen phones on the market: The phone is only 0. You get the same 1. We definitely love the large display for gaming and video watching too with the kickstand deployed. The display has eye-popping colors, is sharp and is quite viewable outdoors.

Of the first launch group of US Windows 7 phones, the Focus is our favorite. The Surround features HTC's usual excellent build quality and stately design, but it's a tad heavy and thicker than skinny smartphones like the Samsung Focus since it has a slider. If you want your Zune phone to sing it loud to the masses, the Surround is for you. Otherwise, it's your standard Windows Phone 7 smartphone, and that's not a bad thing given the high baseline specs: Samsung Eternity II Do you like electric blue? And really cool bubble patterns on your phone's back?

For better or worse, these two features stand out most on the Eternity II. While the first Samsung Eternity back in was one heck of a cool touch screen phone for its time, the Eternity II doesn't really add anything to that two year old formula. The second Eternity is inexpensive though, and we actually really do love that blue color.

The phone runs Samsung's TouchWiz UI and it comes with social networking software, streaming video and other goodies. The usual goodies are there too: If you're looking for a multimedia messaging phone and don't want to get into the smartphone thing, the Sharp is a worth a look. If you're a messaging maven or a heavy IM user but don't want a smartphone and the more pricey smartphone data plan, the Panech is definitely worth a look.

The Mythic has a 3. It runs Samsung's TouchWiz UI as do most of their touch screen phones, and that means it has a three screen desktop and widgets. Other goodies include a 3. The touch UI is easy to use, though this isn't a TouchWiz phone. The Solstice has a 3" touch screen and a fun, intuitive user interface with widgets. Other goodies include a 2 megapixel camera, voice dialing and a music player. Sony Ericsson Ca We take a very in-depth look at one of the highest megapixel camera phones on the US market.

The Ca has a wealth of camera settings and controls and it takes excellent shots-- after taking shots we're convinced. That wouldn't do much good if the Cyber-shot flunked on phone features and we're happy to say it has great call quality and solid calling features.

The Sony Ericsson Wa is a mid-level Walkman phone disguised as a super-thin flip. It's attractive, well made and not too slippery. Better still, it has very good music playback quality and runs the usual likeable XMB media interface with Walkman 3. Not too shabby.

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Samsung's answer is the Impression, which adds a roomy hardware keyboard for your texting pleasure. Though very similar to the Eternity, the Impression adds a few new goodies including more useful widgets and a jaw-dropping AMOLED display that's ultra-vibrant. The phone has a 3.

Despite its small size, it has an ample keyboard that's great for texting and email. It has a 2. If you're looking for a budget texting phone with a touch screen, the Xenon is worth a look, with some caveats. Bluetooth with A2DP and a 1. The Propel, like the QuickFire, Slate and Matrix have hardware keyboards but aren't smartphones, meaning lower data plan prices and they're easy to use. The Propel is a slider whose keyboard tucks away, and it has a 1. Sony Ericsson Wa An incredibly thin, 2.

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The flip houses music controls and it opens to reveal a standard keypad and phone controls. For those who prefer a normal phone with a number pad rather than the Vu's too cool for school touch screen gig, the Access A beckons. If broadcast TV gets you all hot and bothered, it's here with 10 channels that are digitally broadcast TV-style and not piped over the data network.

It has a widescreen x touch screen display with haptic vibration feedback that looks great and works well. This is a feature phone that seems to have it all: But the Z9 adds something special: But it's got a great laundry list of features including HSDPA, Cellular Video support, a capable music player, better than average 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a music player. The slider design is sturdy and the curvy profile is attractive.

It's available in white, black and gray and it has the usual full-featured Walkman phone music player, excellent audio quality, Music ID and an FM radio. The 2 megapixel camera takes quite good shots and there's a Memory Stick Micro slot to save photos and store music. LG CU One of the phones in Cingular's slim 3G portfolio nonetheless has much to offer for a relatively low price tag. Well worth a look if you're looking for a phone that has fast data on GSM networks. Sony Ericsson Wi The latest Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson not only holds more songs than an iTunes phone but it's got a great 2 megapixel camera as well.

Looking more stately than the day-glow orange swiveling Wi, this phone is small, great looking and easy to use. Quite a lot in a small package! Motorola RAZR V3 One of the most popular mobile phones ever sold, the RAZR banks that its thin-is-in looks, stunning metal keypad and popularity will convince you to slip one into your pocket. It's a Cingular phone but Radio Shack currently has the bragging rights to selling the phone. Unlike the L7, it does not have iTunes. The phone is all about looks and it's gorgeous to be sure and very light. The phone has megs of memory to hold tunes, and comes in a striking orange color with a swivel design.

It's offered by Cingular in the US.

AT&T announces LG Escape as a budget-sensitive smartphone

Nokia Surge Here's a Nokia phone that doesn't look like a Nokia. Aimed at those who want to move up from a basic messaging phone, the Surge is a capable S60 smartphone at a reasonable price. S60 flip phones are relatively uncommon but we love 'em in the US, so Nokia cooked up the N75 which features a fantastic main display, a capable music player with external controls, Bluetooth 2. It has a best of breed web browser and it syncs easily to Outlook. This slim and attractive phone wants to be your PDA too.

Its metal sleek silver casing has that thin is in look but with all the power you'd expect from a smartphone. It has strong PIM applications with Outlook syncing, an Office suite, a fantastic web browser, and support for several push email solutions including BlackBerry Connect. Nokia An ergonomic delight as a phone and PDA. Closed it looks like a large candy bar phone, open it's like a mini notebook. What does it have over a BlackBerry? The Glisten is solidly built and it has a fairly high capacity battery to accompany a full compliment of wireless: It runs Windows Mobile 6.

LG Escape 4G LTE announced for AT&T with ICS – only $49

While the eXpo doesn't do much to change the standard Windows Mobile 6. Yes, I would recommend. I have a phone just like this one and the new phone works great with excellent battery life. This model has 8 GB of internal memory, providing the perfect amount of space for your apps, texts, and videos. Excellent for upgrading your user experience, it is equipped with a quad-core processor so that you can open and run many apps with virtually no delay.

An 8-megapixel resolution camera is featured in the phone for stunningly clear pictures. The camera has a dual lens, allowing you to focus in on objects without sacrificing image quality. This mobile phone features a music player and is enhanced by Air Gesture technology, delivering the ultimate user experience. Limited Time Promotion!

Great small smart phone at a great price. Great phone. Does everything my old phone does.

lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)
lg escape 4g android phone (at&t) Lg escape 4g android phone (at&t)

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