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No, but to call or text you would. Without the card, you will also have very limited storage on your phone, so watch out for that. Unanswered Questions. Can I use a network locked Lumia without a Sim-Card? Answer this question Flag as Flag as What do you do when you have forgettin your pin? Can I insert sim card from Nokia Lumia into Nokia Lumia and maintain same number used on ?

Why can't I use my Nokia in Sierra Leone?

Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 800

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Some sites that offer unlock codes may require payment. Be especially careful when giving out your credit card details. The safest method to unlock your phone is by getting the unlock code from your original mobile carrier.

This should be free as long as your account is qualified for the privilege. Unlocking your phone without the knowledge of your original mobile carrier may violate your contract agreement with them, which may then void any store warranty. Sources http: Edit Related wikiHows. Nokia Phones In other languages: Is this article up to date? A list of unlocking supported mobile phones are provided below. Please select your phone model to continue. Method 2. If you get an error 3 times then you can hardlock your phone, so after 2 errors stop and make sure you're doing things right.

Make sure you gave me the correct IMEI and that you entered the correct code I gave for the correct method. Hi Tech Guru, my nokia N8 hangs and often restarts into the lock screen. Its locked again now. The factory unlock never worked. I could only get the database for the Lumia IMEIs over the weekend as it was a new model only last week. No charge as I'm not from this site. I'm just a tek geek! I'm not connected to this site Unlock-Free in any way. Just your average geek with the tools to unlock phones and I choose to do this for free. I'm not sure what those are or where to find them, so here is the other info from under the battery: FCC ID: Thanks, Richard.

Richard and others. Looks like someone else is using my nick here to make mischief. It's no longer safe for me to give out unlock codes on this board as sadly the name 'x-yl[o] can no longer be trusted here. It's too easy to hardlock your phone if someone gives out a wrong number on purpose.

For this reason I won't continue posting here. This is my last post. Google my name and you can find me on a tech forum where I'll be happy to unlock your phones for free. Blessing 03 Sep , at Yusuf Jimmy 31 Aug , at Ayyan Haider Tariq 29 Aug , at I need whatsapp messenger for window phone nokia lumia Tog 26 Aug , at Pls I'm finding it difficult to download whatsapp on my dell venue pro phone.

Hello,im finding it difficult to,download my whatsapp on my lumia James 24 Aug , at Michael 18 Aug , at Miro7 18 Aug , at Judy Murage 17 Aug , at Sk imamul 13 Aug , at I need to download whatsapp on my nokia 10 Aug , at Muhammad m. Why we can't download Whatsapp lumia plz we need your help. AdhipaN 09 Aug , at Evgenii Kostrov 29 Jul , at Unfortunately, Whatsapp does not support Windows Phone 7.

James 28 Jul , at Carlo 26 Jul , at Gugu 18 Jul , at Ahmad 17 Jul , at Pls I need what's app download for Nokia lumia I need what's app pls download for Nokia lumia Hainza 12 Jul , at So ican not get whatsapp on HTC hd7? Why we can't open whatsapp in Nokia lumia give answer. Please help me with nokia lumia on how to download whatsApp. Rahul 05 Jul , at Dimpho 04 Jul , at Can I get help on how to download whatsApp on my Nokia lumia I request your help please I can't download whatsApp on my phone Nokia lumia Orphan Moneoe 02 Jul , at I can't download whatsapp on Nokia Lumia please help me.

Gusy my mobile model nokia lumia Eliphas 25 Jun , at William nkhoma 25 Jun , at Anathi 19 Jun , at Naombeni msada WA kuseti windows pnon Simuyangu ni lumia Emmanuel 15 Jun , at Am sick and tired of this why is that Nokia lumia does not download and install whatsapp I think that we should sell it off or destroy it if Microsoft company can here me they should help. Pls help me.. Romuald 09 Jun , at Plz my. Phone not sport window phone Nokia lumia plz help mee.

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Ayanda 21 May , at Ruslan 22 May , at Kondwani Banda 18 May , at Hassane Fernando chitumbo 18 May , at Hey people who produced whatsapp can I ask that can I get a whatsapp messager??? Venkat 14 May , at Ralzamlova 29 May , at Please help me with Nokia lumia for down load whatsapp. Upendra pathak 11 May , at Good 05 May , at Shedyy 04 May , at Ankit sen 29 Apr , at Please help me i want to download whatsapp on my lumia Rashmuga 25 Apr , at My Nokia lumia has problem of downloading whatsappp please me to install it coz am in need.

Leila Omash 24 Apr , at Williams akaya 24 Apr , at Tamuka 18 Apr , at Vilas a uikey 18 Apr , at My lumia is not supporting what'sapp what can do of lumia please suggest me.

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I am failing to Download whatsapp for Nokia please help. Sample Foya 13 Apr , at Beckie kawemba 12 Apr , at Juliana 07 Apr , at Danae 06 Apr , at Sanjay 01 Apr , at Donald Gundiya 27 Mar , at I want to download whatsapp with Nokia but the window phone is not supported plz help me. Evgenii Kostrov 14 Mar , at Benj 07 Mar , at Live obi 27 Feb , at Thakur Bittu Rana 26 Feb , at Abby Abiola 24 Feb , at My whatsapp can not to open, help me please.

Nokia I am useing watsup before now its not opening plz. Alice 31 Jan , at Danso 28 Jan , at I can't update my whatsapp on Nokia lumia pls help. Whatsapp banned with out reason we still need whatsapp on our phones. Dev 22 Jan , at Ahsan Tabassum 21 Jan , at Please halp me why on my not support whatsaap Please support me my phone in whatsaap. I can't download whatsapp on my Nokia Lumia, why is not supporting whatsapp. Venecia 18 Jan , at Why cn't I use whatsapp on my Nokia Lumia any longer. Why is whatsapp not supported on ths phone any longer. Nancy 16 Jan , at Lucy 15 Jan , at I mwansasitanda outlook.

Arun 05 Jan , at Joel 06 Jan , at Abiodun 03 Jan , at Reply 02 Jan , at Ms Nyathi 31 Dec , at Danake 31 Dec , at I am trying to download whatsapp but it said that there is an error code it is fb. My Samsung omnia7 can't download whatsapp. Samantha 25 Dec , at I cnt download watsap on my Nokia lumia I can't. Whatsap on my Nokia lumia Daniel 29 Dec , at Abraham musepa 21 Dec , at I cant download whatsapp on My window phone lumia pliz help ,It's ever gives Me am error code.

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Jackson 16 Dec , at Dias chauque 13 Dec , at Please I can't download whatsapp on phone of Nokia lumia Bertina 09 Dec , at Please help me I can't download whatsapp on my Nokia lumia what can I do?? Linda yengo 09 Dec , at People help me i cant download my whatsapp in my Windows Phone what can i do.

Shawn 09 Dec , at Kingsley 07 Dec , at Tony I need to download wantsapp in my windows phones help me. Aakash 03 Dec , at I am trying to download. Whatsapp to my Nokia lumia with no success what. Asking me to use the last number ,I don't know that. I don't know the number that was last used on this phone and am being asked to put same number for me to connect to watsapp ,what i do? I can't connect to my whatsapp on lumia am connecting but asking for old user number l don't have.

Barness 01 Dec , at Plz help me I can't download whatsapp on my phone Nokia lumia Is gives the msg the the number is not valid even my number is active. Deepak 25 Nov , at My whatsapp has expired.

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Josephine 25 Nov , at Arantes Mauelele 24 Nov , at Thabo 21 Nov , at Pamela 16 Nov , at Download WhatsApp to my phone lumia please help me out. Glynezo 13 Nov , at Tinah 09 Nov , at Downloading whatsup on Lumia bit its Says code erro Mkhabela Nomphilo 09 Nov , at Francis 08 Nov , at I was download my whatsapp but it says it need to know location,please help me ,Nokia lumia I was download whasapp but I can't install when I give the phone no.

I downloaded in marketing application. Please help me out. Jalloh 01 Nov , at Johngrace 31 Oct , at I can download whatsapp on my Nokia lumia Pls help me download it register it for me. My Nokia lumia does not have any application but if i try to download am just told there is a problem with my live ld which i have it's account ,so your service are not available in Kenya. I would like to know how to download whatsaap on my phone Nokia lumia Go to store broeh and search WhatsApp you'll find it there.

Emmanuel 14 Oct , at Caboose 28 Sep , at Have Nokia Lumia When I follow the link to install the update, I keep getting the message: Try again later. Please assist. I need to reinstall previous wattsup as 27 Sep , at The version doesn't allow me to see typed text,need previous wattsup version,is it possible pls. Mags 15 Sep , at We can't remember the password so we can't get into it. There doesn't seem to be the usual option of 'forgotten your password? I cont download my app wasn't l download is says unable to open for lumia Frew samuel 12 Sep , at Write a comment Can't registered with this phone number.

You Can only registered with ph one number that was last used with whatsapp on this phone my Nokia lumia windows. Gaurav 09 Sep , at Doh cho Adrain 08 Sep , at Please help me install WhatsApp on the Nokia Lumia Dipak 08 Sep , at You can only register with the phone number that was last used with WhatsApp on this phone". Sherlock 02 Sep , at I can't Whatsapp with my Nokia Lumia , It says cannot register with this phone number, can only register with the phone number used previously on this phone which i have tried and it still says the same thing, i need help regarding this.

Evgenii Kostrov 01 Sep , at In the second paragraph, under the screenshots the full version of the site has links to instructions for installing applications. Pls let me know if I have to pay for messenger to send messages thanks. Compatibility 28 Aug , at Help plz Download for whataapps Nokia lumiawindow so plz help. I cant download watsapp on my lumia becsuse its requesting wifi but i want to use my cellular data.

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Mandla 25 Aug , at Mpilo 23 Aug , at Datta 17 Aug , at Mervin from Namibia 15 Aug , at My phone am not happy at all,because all my App are not active no facebook no whatsApp. Ashu sharma 08 Aug , at Whatsapp want me to veryfy with an old number that I don't have. Anne 01 Aug , at Nokia Lumiai can't verify my number it keeps telling that to put the first number that was used for the first time and i don't have it what should i do benitanll hotmail.

Nokia Lumia i can't verify my number it keeps telling that to put the first number that was used for the first time and i don't have it what should i do. I cant download whatsapp on my Nokia Lumia Mxaa my whatsapp always tells me about the old No,it does not want to verify my new number. King Codest 27 Jul , at Dieketseng 24 Jul , at I tried installing whatapp on Lumia it keeps on saying set my family first.

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  • Eugene 16 Jul , at I tried everything possible to install watsapp on my Lumia while connected with 3G but the application requires me to be connected to WiFi before downloading and installing. The message "Pending" stays forever and nothing happens. Radharam 09 Jul , at I dont know how to write my email to get whatsapp i need help.

    Brandon Girod 08 Jun , at Hi there! Try clicking on the download link and downloading it from the app marketplace. Madhan 24 May , at I have updated the whatsApp in my lumia But I can't open my WhatsApp after updating. Please advise. Brandon Girod 26 May , at Toneroo90 18 May , at I think this page is fake, I cant download whatsapp for nokia lumia here. Brandon Girod 21 May , at Have you tried the free link? Eder 17 May , at Brandon Girod 12 May , at You should be able to click on the download link under the installation options on the page and download it from the marketplace.

    Brandon Girod 30 Apr , at Have you tried visiting the Play Store to download it from there instead? Hi all trying to download whatsapp but i cant input my details. I install and then it download but when i want to fill my details in the keyboard doesn't appear. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about this one. Try emailing Whatsapp support directly: Brandon Girod 19 Apr , at You'll need to click through the link so you can go to the download page. Gabriel 30 Mar , at I cant download whatsapp on my windows phone Nokia lumia Brandon Girod 05 Apr , at Amanda 28 Mar , at Brandon Girod 29 Mar , at Click on the link in the installation options and it will take you to the Google Play Store so you can download it from there.

    Unable to install what's up on lumia before end of install its give me error. Brandon Girod 18 Mar , at Brandon Girod 11 Apr , at Gabriel 07 Apr , at Brandon Girod 07 Mar , at Raphuti Jacob Mothoni 27 Feb , at Brandon Girod 29 Feb , at Tamanna 27 Feb , at I m using nokia and unable to install watsapp, whnevr I try asks me to connect wifi nd I dnt hv wifi coonnection with any1 so CN u say me he to install with wifi.

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    Not sure about this one. Try contacting WhatsApp support. I can't reinstall whatsapp on my Lumia After all the downloading processes I get to where I am supposed to verify my phone number. There is always a statement which regrets to send such codes to my number. Brandon Girod 17 Feb , at Alicia Morata 16 Jan , at Brandon Girod 18 Jan , at Brandon Girod 10 Jan , at Have you tried to find and download the app through the Windows Phone appstore?

    I want to download whatsapp application for Nokia lumia I want to download whatsapp application on nokia lumia Brandon Girod 15 Mar , at Hi, you should be able to download the app by clicking through the link on our site. Hey, what issues are you running into while updating the app? I can't remember my Microsoft account password my phone is Nokia Lumia You'll need to go through Microsoft in order to get that information reset. What issues are you having when trying to update your app. Lester 07 Jan , at Brandon Girod 06 Jan , at Hey Sherry, what problems are you having updating this app?

    Miemie 03 Jan , at Brandon Girod 03 Jan , at You should be able to click on an option that lets you download or update apps without being connected to a Wi-Fi source. Tariq Abdulla 19 Dec , at No one in my family has Microsoft account but it is asking for family setup wat can I do. Tariq Abdulla 14 Dec , at I've heard of this one before. Are you under 16? If not, your microsoft account mistakenly thinks that you are under The easiest way to solve it is to create a new microsoft account and reset your phone changing your date of birth on your account requires writing a letter to microsoft!

    Or if you are under 16, you will need to get your parents to make an account, even if they just use it for this. Rein Nigg 10 Dec , at Tariq Abdulla 28 Dec , at Tariq Abdulla 25 Nov , at Make sure you have a wifi connection If you don't have access to wifi, you can probably change this in your phones settings. Geken ingoli 20 Nov , at M using nokia lumia my watsapp is not installed asking family setup and i hv no idea wat to do,pliz hlp. Changing it is a little complicated, like you have to enter a credit card number or send them a letter windows.

    Devils salvi 13 Nov , at Lumia WhatsApp not installed problems my family setup needed please help me. Tariq Abdulla 13 Nov , at Then create an account using your phone number, see other people who have whatsapp from your contact book, and that's it!

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    • I am using lumia its doesn't want to download whatsap its say theirs a problem. I'm using Lumia its doesn't want to download whatsup its say waiting for wi-fi plz help I'm leaving at south Africa. Tariq Abdulla 10 Nov , at Theo 29 Oct , at Tariq Abdulla 29 Oct , at Let me know if you have any problems.

      Nokia Lumia 800 disassembly, screen replacement and repair

      Tariq Abdulla 23 Oct , at My whatsapp is not download my phone is blackberry z3 pls help me. Tariq Abdulla 14 Oct , at Tariq Abdulla 08 Oct , at I m using Nokia and av tried to download whatsap on it its doesn't go what is given me its that. Were are trouble with the page that am trying to reach and it can't open at the moment pls help me what will I do.

      Facebook 27 Sep , at Dhamothiran 25 Sep , at Tariq Abdulla 27 Sep , at I couldn't download,wgatsapp and I get this message error code ,,I am,active user. Tariq Abdulla 16 Sep , at Nagarajan 06 Sep , at Tariq Abdulla 09 Sep , at Nikky Njau 02 May , at

      cara membuka nokia lumia 800 Cara membuka nokia lumia 800
      cara membuka nokia lumia 800 Cara membuka nokia lumia 800
      cara membuka nokia lumia 800 Cara membuka nokia lumia 800
      cara membuka nokia lumia 800 Cara membuka nokia lumia 800
      cara membuka nokia lumia 800 Cara membuka nokia lumia 800

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