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Silicone shell makes it drop-resistance and high-quality solar panel absorbs solar power fast. Perfect for outdoor activities. This high tech gadget will be sure to cause a splash as part of your company marketing efforts. This camping lamp is equipped with 12 ultra bright white LED and 3 lighting modes. It has rechargeable battery which can be powered by solar panel and USB charging. What's more, it can be also used as an emergency charger for your phone. Lightweight, waterproof, compact and durable. It is a must have for night fishing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

This Sun Light powered phone charger is made of aluminium with waterproof and shockproof can be used for mobile phone charging. The size is 5. Battery capacity ma. The imprint method is one color silk screen printing. Please send detailed request for quotation. Equal parts phone charger, flashlight, and fan, the Switch 10 Core Multi-Tool is an all-in-one power solution for your pack. Quick charge phones, POV cameras, and other USB-powered gear, then switch on a flashlight for bright light anywhere, or a fan to cool off.

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Solar-ready with included Nomad 7 Plus for rugged, reliable power wherever you go. Charge Times: Monocrystalline Battery: Keep plugged in, or charge every.

Solar Phone Charger Buying Guide & FAQs

For those that take outdoor fun as a higher calling, raise your game to the next level with this feature-happy cooler! Offered in a variety of colors, this 60 quart cooler has all the features of our Coolest non-blender model, plus a solar panel lid that allows you to go off the grid for days while keeping your phone powered up. The panel is water-proof and removable, while putting out up to one full amp of power in direct sunlight through the built-in USB charger. When not being used, the solar panel pops off, flips and attaches to the telescoping handle to double as a bar top table.

Eliminate dead phone anxiety and head out on your next adventure by ordering yours today! Coolest Cooler with Blender and Solar Lids. Take all of bells and whistles with you on your next outdoor adventure using our super-innovative cooler! Designed with a 60 quart capacity, this top-of-the-line cooler has all of the features of our Coolest model, including a blender plus a solar panel lid that allows you to go off the grid for days while keeping your phone powered up.

Eliminate dead phone anxiety, blend some cocktails and head out on your next adventure by ordering yours today! Flashlights are great but they usually need batteries and at least one free hand. The ideal emergency and outdoor item needs no batteries, won't die or corrode in storage and works hands-free.

This 6 LED lantern is powered by solar energy and by dynamo driven kinetic energy. Just crank it up and go - no batteries or chargers needed.

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Operated in power saving 3 LED mode and full brightness mode. Includes a handle for hanging and carrying. Solar Charger with Speaker. Add a bit of sunshine to your marketing campaign with the Solar Charger with Speakers! This solar powered battery pack is designed for use with cell phone, camera, MP3 or MP4 player. Comes complete with full complement of cellphone adaptors and built-in speakers.

Perfect for frequent business travelers. With your company name or logo imprinted on this handy accessory, you've got a great fundraising prize or thank you gift! Product Size: Waterproof Solar charger with carabiner and compass. A typical smartphone can get at least two charges out of a power bank.

Depending on your energy company, each kWh from the grid creates up to 1. Updated Jan 28, We maintain strict editorial integrity when we evaluate products and services; however, Top Ten Reviews may earn money when you click on links. Best Overall. The X-Dragon 10, mAh solar power bank is a high-capacity lithium polymer battery with four solar panels to keep your phone charged wherever there's sunlight.

View on Amazon. Best Value. The Hiluckey solar power bank can keep your devices charged on a budget. Best Single-Panel Charger. The Nekteck solar charger is durable and compact, making it a great option for camping trips and other outdoor activities that might require a battery bank.

RAVPower mAh. Best Overall X-Dragon.

Different Types of Solar Chargers

Best Value Hiluckey. Best Single-Panel Charger Nekteck. The X-Dragon solar power bank soaked up the most sun in our sunny and cloudy day tests, thanks to its four 1. The X-Dragon is available with three, four or five panels, depending on your needs and budget. The green or orange body of the battery is coated in textured ABS to make it shock proof, and it covers its input and output ports with a rubber plug to keep it safe from dust and water.

However, the rugged texture across the back of the device makes the power button difficult to press. This same button is used to turn on the battery's bright LED flashlight panel, which has three modes: One of the solar panels is on the front of the battery itself, and the other three are housed in leather leaves, so they're easy to fold for storage.

Best Solar Charger – Buying Guide

When folded, none of the panels face outwards, so you have to unfold the panels each time you need to charge. For charging while hiking, the battery has a small leather loop attached to a corner of the device that you can fix to the back of your pack. This is the only way to attach it, and since it's attached on the corner, it makes the rest of the panels hang at an angle. The X-Dragon's battery has a 10, mAh capacity. It has four indicator lights to keep you appraised of its current charge and one light that pops on when it's charging, green for sunlight and blue for outlet charging.

Overall, however, the X-Dragon is the best solar phone charger. Four 1. Hard to charge battery and use it at the same time. Many of the solar phone chargers we tested share a similar design. The Hiluckey solar power bank, for example, looks like the X-Dragon. Both products have similar rubberized ABS bodies, leather-bound 1. Where the X-Dragon is available in three, four and five-panel options, however, the Hiluckey is only available with one or two.

Even so, it's a great value. It may have half the panels of our top pick, but it's also half the price. This power bank is made for outdoor conditions, its two USB output ports and microUSB input are shielded with a rubber plug to make the battery water and dust-proof.

Top 20 Best Microsoft Lumia 640 Solar Chargers Reviews 12222-2020

Its rugged body can also withstand bumps and short drops, which is good because the attached loop seems too flimsy to support the weight of the battery for a long hike. The Hiluckey is designed to primarily charge from an outlet, using solar energy for topping up and emergencies. Because it has multiple panels, it does charge faster than many of the products we tested, but if the battery is too low, it cannot charge your device while it's charging its own battery. Very similar to top pick in appearance and performance.

Difficult to press power button. This compact, single-panel charger is rain-resistant and dustproof, making it one of the most durable solar phone chargers we tested. The Nekteck has dual USB ports for charging mobile devices, as well as a large handle on the top panel that makes it easy to attach it to a belt loop or backpack strap for charging on the go. The rugged rubber exterior is shockproof and has rounded edges to protect it against bumps and drops.

In addition to its charging capabilities, the Nekteck has an LED flashlight that makes it a good companion for a camping pack or day pack for hiking. The Nekteck charged our test device to only 17 percent, which is much less than the 73 percent that our favorite solar charger managed. Luckily, the Nekteck comes with a micro-USB cable to plug the device into a wall socket. It took only a couple of hours to charge the battery to full capacity using a wall socket, compared with multiple days using the solar cell.

There are four LED indicator lights on the side panel to denote how much charge is left in the battery.

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It's durable. The battery capacity is poor.

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Best User Experience. The Allpowers solar power bank is extremely easy to use thanks to its light quality indicator, which helps you find the perfect place for it to soak up some rays. It performed well in our cloudy-day test as well. This performance was typical of the four-paneled solar chargers we tested, as more solar panels are always better.

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