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Like we said in the hardware end of things, the resistive touch means using the tips of your fingers instead of the pads, which we find a tad frustrating, but the keyboard in landscape mode is truly gargantuan, and after an hour or two of learning we're guessing you could rattle off some pretty lengthly emails or Great American Novels. Luckily, if you're a T9 fan there's nothing stopping you from keeping the phone in portrait mode and rattling off text messages with the touchable alphanumeric keypad, and the phone is frankly too narrow to work well with QWERTY in portrait.

The handwriting recognition looks good enough, but we revert to a 2nd grade writing level whenever we pick up a pen, so that stylus is staying firmly in its holster. We're not convinced the touchable browser is a step up over existing WebKit implementations on Nokia's other handsets, since the tap to zoom function is slow and unreliable -- and no, you can't select text from web pages to copy and paste.

Panning around the page is also jittery, perhaps a tad worse than the G1 -- nobody has managed to pull off iPhone smooth yet in this department. We were using a slightly early software build, so some of these problems might be fixed in the final version, but it wasn't encouraging. Still, there's no denying the advantages of viewing the web on a x LCD.

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We tested out an accelerometer-based driving game, but it was overly sensitive and no-fun-at-all -- though we're guessing that wouldn't be a hard fix. The graphics looked pretty good, though.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic hands-on

Movies are potentially this phone's killer app, but you'll have to do the conversion just right to get smooth playback at full resolution. We did see some video shot with the phone that Sea World shot in the gallery and it looked pretty good. Conclusion If you haven't picked it up by now, Nokia isn't going after the power users here. The phone will be marketed under Nokia's "Live" banner, and really concentrates on the most basic communications -- calling and texting -- with a whole bunch of multimedia piled on top. Nokia's Comes With Music helps on that end of things, and the screen certainly helps with video, but this is no iPhone when it comes to to solid media integration or full-featured media player apps.

On the communication side, we're sad to see Nokia almost burying some of its S60 advantages. Everything's still there, but Nokia didn't put the gruntwork in necessary to really take advantage a next-gen interface as it relates to keeping track of emails, social networking, IM and the correspondences of more than four people. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in. Sign up. Show More Results.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 hands-on: Speedy, stylish and a great camera, too. RVR is a Sphero robot for budding tinkerers. Lightsaber Academy helps you practice your Jedi swing. Latest in Image credit:. Nokia XpressMusic hands-on 36 Photos From around the web. The Bad: The Good: Having had the XM for about nine months, the device has grown on me. Software I use on the this is a growing list and will be updated as applications are added: Great looking themes from PiZero: There are some batteries: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. In the Internet Browser in Fullscreen Mode , there is no back or forward option, one has to go back to normal screen mode and select back, which then gives an option to go back or forward. No Kinetic scrolling yet. Front screen does not have enough shortcuts.

In Messaging, New Message , if you click into the To area, one would expect to see a option to go to the Address Book, but there is no option other to manually put in the telephone number. If one goes back one screen there is an address book on the bottom menu. In the Music section if a song is being played, and you happen to click back too many times, you will EXIT the music application. The camera is poor in every sense. It should have been 5MP at least. I guess because it was a fairly cheap phone, they Nokia had to skimp on one part of the phone.

As a result I do not use the camera. Having a lock button is very useful especially since it stops the screen from being pressed when it a pocket. Video playback is incredible on the large screen. Music playback is brilliant. Sound output is superb through the two stereo speakers.

A2DP bluetooth support is amazing. I have the Sony Bluetooth headphones and recently purchased Nokia BH noise cancelling headphones and having no wires is a pleasure. They are all a bunch of sheep. Flipping the phone over when it rings or when the alarm goes off silences it or put the phone into snooze mode.

Lots of applications including lots of free applications make this phone a handy device to have around. I have listed all the applications I have on my phone below. That list is growing all the time. The phone is light and feels really good in your hand.

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If though there is a stylus in the back I can honestly say I have never used it. The screen is very responsive to the finger.

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The battery lasts a very long time. I consider myself a very heavy user and by that I mean: At work shhhhhh I am often bluetoothing new applications to the phone, testing applications, checking email or facebook or occassionally playing games in my breaks. Another 50 minutes back home and all of the above is repeated.

To this day I have never run out of battery. However I do charge my phone every night when I go to bed. It supports SDHC cards. OTA support. Surfing the web on this phone is an absolute pleasure.

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I use the Nokia Browser as well as Opera Mini. I find Opera good in the sense that one can load a very large web site with loads of photos and opera only loads the pictures when you reach them on the page, where as Nokia Browser is good for RSS feeds, smaller websites. Wireless support — Handy when the internet is not available. Plenty of cool themes. Links relating to the phone from various sources: Hello — a cool blog writing about the phone. How the Nokia is doing?

Living with the Nokia In depth review. Nokia — Sports tracker now available A comprehensive list of applications from Symbian Smash Pop. Daily Mobile Forum — This site has a lot of free and pay applications.

Websites offering free software for the Symbian World — Free Downloads Software I use on the this is a growing list and will be updated as applications are added: Mobbler for Last. FM — Another brilliant application if you listen to a lot of music online. It loads up and then starts a test to determine a connection to their network.

It does this forever. I ended up aborting, un-installing and re-installing, and trying again, but the same problem occured. Gooogle Maps or m.

Symbian s60v5 World: Download Weather Touch for Symbian^3 & Symbian s60v5

Notes Version 5. X-Plore by LonelyCats brilliant. PhoneTorch brilliant. ScreenSnap brilliant.

download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800
download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800
download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800
download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800
download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800
download banner touch for nokia 5800 Download banner touch for nokia 5800

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