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Audio notes, for example, are automatically transcribed so your note includes a text translation of the clip.


8 Best Note-Taking Apps for

Similarly, you can grab text from images, which works surprisingly well and totally feels like the future provided the image is decently clear. You can make copies of any note, which you can add to Google Keep or choose to send into Google Docs. Aside from its handy automatic features, the ease and ability for organization are where Google Keep really shines.

As with other apps, you can create custom tags for your notes and search your entire list to find what you need quickly. Collaboration is easy too, with the ability to invite other users via email with one click. This pairs rather nicely with the ability to mark-up images within notes, allowing users to quickly exchange feedback.

Rearranging notes is as easy as clicking and dragging them to wherever you want and you can pin the most important notes to the top of your feed. The web app also has the option of using keyboard shortcuts to do things like navigate to the next or previous note, compose a new note, create a new list, and perform a search. Syncing between devices is quite fast — but only when it works.

Occasionally you can find yourself waiting way too long for changes you made on the web app to show up on your phone, and vice versa. Overall, Google Keep is a solid showing. Now go sketch, jot, record, upload, color-code … and take notes! Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Previous Next. Don't Miss. Though now that you mention it Posted 2 weeks ago — By Chase McPeak. Posted 2 hours ago — By Sam Slaughter.

Posted 4 days ago — By Pat Evans. You may need a mattress designed with you in mind. Posted 6 days ago — By Andrea Kornstein. Posted 2 weeks ago — By LeeAnn Whittemore. Posted 2 weeks ago — By Jahla Seppanen. Culture What Is a Float Tank? But how does all this happen through floating on your back in a windowless tank of water? Posted 2 weeks ago — By Chelsea Batten.

Posted 1 week ago — By LeeAnn Whittemore. Here's your reading list for the rest of the year. Posted 1 week ago — By Jahla Seppanen. Culture 9 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now If you're like the rest of the country, you're probably obsessed with true crime right now. Third, the best note taking apps let you snap pictures and save them as notes, upload files, record audio, and clip pages from the web.

I've never seen a paper notebook that lets you dictate notes using your voice, either. Editor's Note: Originally published in October by author Jimmy Daly and then updated in April , we've updated this post with new selections and app descriptions. To find the best note taking apps, we started with a list of about 35 contenders and whittled our way down to the 10 best based on a few criteria. All the apps chosen for this list met a standard for being easy to set up and use.

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We also considered each app's feature set in light of what the app promised to do or deliver. For example, Simplenote made the list of the best note taking apps even though it doesn't have a long list of features. The reason is Simplenote aims to provide a distraction-free note taking environment, and it achieves that promise by not overwhelming its interface with excessive tools.

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Conversely, both Microsoft OneNote and Evernote earned high marks for having a wealth of excellent features, which is what they advertise. Other factors for consideration included value, particularly because many of the best note taking apps charge a subscription fee for unbridled access to all the features. We also have a strong preference for apps that work across all the major platforms, including web. One final point for consideration was whether the app offered a unique experience. Some note taking apps are designed to be used with a stylus, letting you sketch, write by hand, annotate images and documents, and so forth on your phone, tablet, or touch-enabled computer.

Others let you store your notes locally to give you greater privacy and security. When an app had a unique factor, we compared it to similar apps and selected one to represent that subcategory. For example, in the subcategory of apps for sketching, we chose Paper. As you read, look for the line beginning "Best for…" to see what makes each app among the best.

A word on apps we did not include: Any app labeled a word processor or text editor was not considered. Those apps are excellent for writing, but they don't give you a simple and quick way to make a note when you're on the go, which note taking apps do. We also did not consider journaling apps , which typically remind you to write or help you add detail about your day.

Read more about how Zapier chooses apps to include in articles. Below are summaries of the best note taking apps, including highlights about what makes them different from one another. The Apple-only notes app Bear could easily be mistaken for a distraction-free writing app.

5 Best Apps for Note Taking for Teachers and Students

It supports Markdown formatting in lieu of presenting an excess of menu options although it does allow you to work with fully viewable inline images. Bear also offers a focus mode that strips away unnecessary bells and whistles from your view. You can add tags to organize your notes by simply using hashtags within the note body.

And Bear stores all your notes as plain text, which keeps the app lightweight. Other features include an info panel for each note showing word count and other metadata, as well as web clipping, or the ability to automatically copy the contents of web pages to one of your notebooks via a browser extension. There are some showstoppers worth knowing about before you choose Bear. For one, it doesn't have a web app, so you can't simply log into Bear from any internet connected device. The developers who make the app have said that a web app is in the works, but they have yet to pin down a release date.

Second, Bear runs on Apple devices only, so it's not a good option for cross-platform folks. Third, storage and syncing go through iCloud, so you're really at the mercy of read: Finally, the free account comes with some limitations that make it less than ideal as a note taking app no syncing, limited export formats , so be prepared to pay for a Pro subscription. Overall, it's a low-cost note taking app best suited for Apple device owners who are looking for a pared-down experience. Boostnote is a free, open source note taking app made for programmers. What makes it special for programmers?

When you create a new note, you choose either Markdown note, used for creating any kind of text document, or snippet note, which simply gives you a text editor for code. When creating and editing Markdown notes, Boostnote puts an extra panel on the right side of your window to preview the formatting of the note as you write. You can create any kind of notes you want in this note type.

Markdown notes even support LaTeX blocks, for those writing hefty mathematical formulas. Snippet notes, however, look like code in an ordinary code editor, with visual cues you'd expect, such as line numbering and color-coding of text. With Boostnotes, you can work with text snippets, too. Text snippets are lines of text you tend to use repeatedly, whether boilerplate or particular lines of code.

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Other excellent features include customizable hotkeys, the ability to change the font, and dozens of light and dark visual themes for the interface. Storage is entirely in your hands with Boostnote, so you can keep your notes saved locally and percent offline, or you can pop them into a file storage and syncing service of your choosing to make them accessible to you everywhere. Evernote was an early leader in the digital note taking space. In many ways, it shaped expectations about what a note taking app should do and how it should look. It's one of the most capable services you'll find, supporting a wide variety of note types text, images, audio memo, sketches, scanned documents, checklists, clipped web pages and with excellent tools for organizing and searching your notes as well.

It has apps for all the major platforms, and with a Business account, you can even use Evernote for real-time chat and collaboration with colleagues. One of Evernote's most impressive features is its ability to search text found in images. If you snap a photograph of a for rent sign, for example, and save it to your Evernote account, you'll later be able to find the note by simply search for the word "rent. Evernote also doubles as an excellent scanner, and if you combine those two features, you can use the app for some pretty interesting projects, such as digitizing recipes from books.

Evernote also integrates with other apps and tools you use, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Salesforce. If you can't find the app you need among the natively supported ones, you can create new Evernote integrations using Zapier. Evernote handles all the syncing and storage.

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Basic members that is, those on the free plan get 60MB of space per month for storing notes and uploading files. It's also worth noting that the free plan lets you sync only two devices, a limitation that may or may not work for you.

The Top 5 Best Note-Taking Apps

Unused space each month doesn't roll forward. Learn 30 tips for Evernote to make the most of your notes. They can also add their own notes and comments so that they can remember how they might want to apply the information. It is extremely user friendly, as long as you install the web clipper. Just right click and clip! Notability is one of the most versatile apps available for notes taking.

You can type or write notes on notebooks and organize them into folders inside the app.

What Makes a Great Note Taking App?

However, it also lets you annotate PDFs, which can be great for grading student papers. Notability also records audio and lets you take notes at the same time. So, you could be having a reading conference with a student, or testing their reading fluency with the audio recorder, while taking notes at the same time on your iPad. One of the primary reasons is because of the workflows that teachers and students can create in order to retrieve, annotate and submit work. If teachers set up a shared folder with their class via Google Drive, students can access their documents, annotate them and push them back to their teacher via a privately shared folder.

This free app from Zoho gives you virtual notebooks with designer covers to store card style notes. The covers make it easy to segregate and identify different notebooks. You can also choose fonts, font size and colours as per your preference. The app lets you create notes in 6 categories: On iOS, the app integrates with Siri.

You can ask Siri to search through notes, for instance. If you want to have your notes synced across your devices, you need to sign-up for a free account. Its not mandatory to sign up if you don't want to back up online and only want to keep notes on your current device. Overall, the free app gets our recommendation to students if you are looking for a simple yet feature-rich notes app. Hand-picked educational apps by teachers that will improve your child's learning. Get Started. Bear iPad - Free.

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