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I'm frankly of the opinion that no benevolent god would punish two consenting adults for loving each other. I think, rather, it's more likely that somewhere along the way, the message got twisted and warped, by someone with an agenda. Some of the opinions and wording used in this thread are deeply disturbing, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

I can't describe how much this thread amused me. I am someone whose religion is rather complicated or so people tell me. I believe in God, but I don't believe in the Bible Its a huge book that's been translated many times over the years. As if mere leather and paper could hold God's words. I even believe in the spiritual world. Who am I to tell you how to live and who to love? I myself am Bisexual. I believe that God is an accepting person, who loves everyone equally. But like any parent, he's capable of being disappointed in us. But I don't think he would damn us all to Hell unless we are truly evil.

As a final note, I do not mean to offend or insult anyone. Including, but not limited to, the well documented Bonobo all the way to my dog making the neighbors pup his prison wife when they play. But they're probably drinking the same water the frogs are drinking, right?

I like how it is just a long conversation on 2 words. Some of these impressions of god people have is wrong. You think you will go to hell off of every little thing like god is a bad person but god forgives. If he wants to be gay let him just let him be happy.

Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Completed Gba Rom Hack with Mega Evolution and Gen7--Gameplay+Download--

Why are we having a discussion about homosexuality on a site about GBA hacks? Why with the gay discussions. Even though it is hilarious it is wrong to do many pages of arguments about a single comment which may or may not be true. We should be good people and accept people for who they are because everybody is imperfect and different so do not argue over what somebody said because the people arguing about being gay have problems of their own that people could make fun of.

Not sure if it's the final. Kinda stopped working after you get lava surf. That's weird. I downloaded it from a post by Snakebyte the translator of the game. The post hasn't been updated since but he confirmed that it is the latest version 1 week ago- http: Which version is better? Final, or Plus? Or rather, how are they different? It adds new Pokemon and moves but it has a few extra glitches and the World Championship doesn't work properly. The choice is yours. Then don't play it. We're all tired of listening to your cry sounds. Lol your cries are more annoying. Just enjoy the game coz it's a lot of hard work.

If on Windows, try this- http: Remember, extract above zip file vba. Let me know if this helps. I started playin it but When I get to the route where you are supposed to save pichu there are campers there how do I get passed them they keep saying go awa. It's been a long time since I played but you can refer a walkthrough. Maybe this may help- http: Eii knuckle senpai. Where can i get pokedex? Im afraid to start my adventure without those. I might not get it. Lol you should just continue if you haven't already. I don't remember how you get it but I'm sure you will soon.

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And sorry for the late reply.. I believe this is the complete list of cheats- http: If they don't work because of the system telling you to get the full version, split the codes into sections of two- like the first half of the master code being one, then the second half being another. Must be a glitch. Try loading an older save and see if it happens again. If it does, try asking on Pokecommunity- http: Bhaskar if it doesn't stop even then. Use walk through walls code to avoid her. Its hanging there. What will i do? Maybe try the walk-through-walls cheat.

But that bug should've been fixed in this version. Did you download the final version from here? How do I get to the gym leader of the 4th gym? It's the ghost one. I can't seem to pick the right order of the holes. I've battled all of the members, but I can't get to him. If you're still stuck- Youtube. You wouldn't happen to know where to download a clean ruby 1. I have absolutely no luck finding one that runs Light Platinum.

I've tried a popular one made by Mugs as I recall and one I happened to find while digging around, only one of them even made it past the start screen until they bailed out on me, lmao. Since I can't link to base roms, I've replied to this comment with the link and then deleted it. But you should have received an email notification with the link. If you didn't, leave your email here or send it through the contact form.

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Hey knuckle San! Do you know to fix that without loosing my progress. Load the save into the different version and complete the Arceus event. I'm not sure how you load saves on your emulator, but in most cases just rename your. Hi, When Percy is about the fight arceus, the game freezes? Anyway to fix with loosing progress? I am using VisualBoy Advance. Someone just reported this glitch a few comments ago. It only seems to happen on Light Platinum Plus. I heard you can get past this by loading your save into a different version of Light Platinum which doesn't have this glitch.

Once you complete the event in the other version, you can load your save back. I've given a more detailed answer in the above comment. Not sure what the problem is but try this method- Place the other version rom in the same folder as the current one. Rename the current. Now when you open the other version, your data should show up on the start screen. I don't understand. You should have 3 files- gamev1. If there's a gamev2. Then rename gamev1.

Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining.. No no, you were great! Even though I didn't get it, thank you a lot for the explanations. I think something is wrong with my save files and my VBA emulator. It might be due to not receiving or updating the Pokedex. If that's not the case, maybe try a different emulator? I'm stuck at where Percy is supposed to catch arceus. I know there is a way to patch but idk how. I'm using MyBoy emulator on android. Plz help I don't want to start over.

Well had you finished all the events before the catch arceus event cause im already on the 2 region bro. The solution is to load the save into a different version of Light Platinum that doesn't have the glitch, complete the event, and then load the save back. If you didn't rename anything, you should have the files light-platinum-plus. Find light-platinum-plus. Rename light-platinum-final.

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Pokemon Platinum

Nuckle sean, we're same problem.. Every time i attack the foe the game was freeze.. I will check around and see if there's another solution. Make a copy of your. Please try this link. It's called light-platinum-test. It probably won't work, but just in case. Again, make a backup of the. With the arceus freeze right before the battle glitch how would you fix it on iOS. But I have no idea how to do this on iOS, sorry. Okay, I've changed something that hopefully fixes the glitch. Download the rom here. Replace the older rom with this one exactly, meaning delete the old one and place this one in that same folder.

Let me know if this works. Mediafire link. With that and the badge from skyner city, you can use your pilot license bicycle. The license works just like a mach or acro bike in that you go to your items bag to use it. Someone mentioned that the gym leader gives it to you. Check your key items. I am playing pokemon light platinum plus downloaded from this source but I don't know why my traded pokemon is not evolving.

Like haunter is not evolving to gengar when traded against kirila and seadra to kingdra. Pls help. Thanks for replying very fast. This info is really very helpful. And now I can continue my game happily. Thanks again for the help. Now I am facing another problem after skyner city, the team steam thing keeps on repeating. When I am at the rayquaza part. The grunts are still at kosaka when I travel from the skyner city. Fly is not working after it and even if I walk to the other part of the game where I find kyurem and team steam that part is repeating too.

And now when u used fly to the rocavely city. What I am seeing is this gym leader is waiting near the mines it's like I haven't fought a single battle. There is some problem at lauren league. I have fought six guns in lauren region and they are giving me my starter pokemon here snivy and all. It's like dejavu.

2641 - Pokemon Platinum

Anyone know why I'm not able to get into the mountain in drakebreath city? I've defeated both elite fours.

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  8. I forget, but maybe this- "Defeat team steam at their hideout first. Go back the route you went and find the island that is not too far from drakebreath, once you beat them, the trainer will go away. Now, go to mt. Draken and battle with team steam". So I found a way to get pass the ralts trainer freeze in mega. It work for me but hopefully you guys get the same results. On the plus version of the hack, when I got Turtwig from the guy in Snowce City, and I went to put a Exp Share on him and the screen went black, not sure if that was a bug, or what, but I figured I'd point it out, incase others shared a similar experience.

    Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, the game is no longer being worked on, so the bugs will not get fixed. I choose charmender as my starter pokemon. Did anyone face this kind of problem? That might be due to your emulator. Are you by any chance using OpenEmu for Mac? If not, please let me know which emulator as well as which version of Light Platinum you're playing.

    Knuckle San does the game is finished after World Championships? I already caught all the legendaries. Hey, I've been playing this since yesterday, currently going to the 3rd gym, so far so good.

    Pokemon Platinum Version (US) - Nintendo DS (NDS) ROM Download | RoyalRoms

    Besides the features you've already added, there's also, Decapitalization on Items in Bag and when you find them, Pokemon names in battle screen, Pokedex and Summary attacks decap as well Cities and Town names also decap when you get to the town, but when another trainer or NPC mentions them it's still in capital letters, also Trainer Type and Name in battle are decap, including important Characters as "RED" Outworld "Pkmn Trainer Red" in a battle.

    Just a comment I, personally think this would be the best of all pokemon hacks, if it had Fully decap and Day and Night System. I love the sprites of old pokemon on the 5th gen pack. It also has new moves post 3rd gen! I've beaten the first elite four, currently going through the 7th Lauren gym, the bug so far is that when you just get Axew on Drakebreath City, sometimes when you go to it's summary the game frezes, so what I did is that I put summary of other pokemon and go to Axew, it sometimes work it sometimes didn't, I did this till I got it Adamant Nature, then I saved, when I got out of the house, I was looking at it's summary it was good, it didn't freeze and no problems with it's evolutions.!

    Only the exp you get after defeating Aggron, it's a lot less then what you should get. But a lot of others were fixed, such as Salamences, Metagross and others that in the original game did't give you original exp they should at beating them, or the ones that gave you too much, like Venipede. Erm, the rom doesnt work? I'm assuming you mean VisualBoyAdvance. Alternatively, you can simply rename the rom. But it also has a few extra bugs and glitches. Final is the last official release.

    The level curve is ridiculously steep so prepare for the most grinding you'll ever do in a Pokemon game! As of writing this I have 6 and a half hours clocked in and I haven't even gotten to the first gym!!! Lol I don't remember it being that bad. Also, make a mental note to stay away from Vega.. Or do i HAVE to play the final version to complete the whole game? I hope you can help me. Not sure about the abilites and dex. The person who made it said he would release updates to fix the problems but he never did.

    Okay but can i just convert my save file to a "final" save file when i go to the world championship or do i have to do it now? Or do i have to restart the game completely and play the "final" version? Thanks for the answers. You can always try. If not, it's a little bit more complicated.

    Which emulator are you using? I am indeed using Visual gambeboy advance emulator, so it shouldnt be a problem. Hey guys, can someone help me? If someone can explain to me why that's so, I would greatly appreciate it! Yeah, that's a known problem. I believe it's the mGBA core which causes it. Hello Knuckle San. Can I ask what's the difference between light platinum plus and final?

    By the way, it's good but sometimes it freezes. I'm playing the plus version and here are some of my concerns, I can't get into the beauty contest in central town because it suddenly freezes and I tried to get my egg eevee and ditto's from the day care man but whenever I say 'yes' it freezes too. Sometimes, when I fight other trainers, the words below were scrambled. And when I ran sometimes, there's this glitch.

    The pokemon's information in the pokedex is not theirs eg. Whenever I caught a dratini, the info below says about geodude. And why is there no map? This is my first time playing a hack version hihihihihihi sorry: Plus is actually not an official version, but a mod by a fan.

    It does have extra bugs and glitches, and I believe the final event doesn't work. I wouldn't recommend it if it's your first time playing a hack, as you may have to cheat or do some weird stuff to get around some parts. Although it does have the PSS split, and some extra newer gen Pokemon. In general, rom hacks, including the official Final version of this hack, will have bugs and glitches.

    This is because most hacks are made by a single person who doesn't have the time to test and fix everything. If you don't mind switching, I would say try Glazed link as your first. It's a really good hack and more free of bugs than this one if I remember correctly. This hack is great too, and it was my first as well, so you can't really go wrong either way.

    Some people have reported that happening, but I'm not sure which version it happens in. But thanks that you always reply to me. I don't think it follows any gen in particular. I'm stuck after getting lava surf. I went to Mt. Shuem and tried to use lava surf but it said I didn't have the badge. See this. I found a better solution you need to get the cheat code for all gym badges.

    This has been reported a couple of times.

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    See this- Link. Been a while since I've played this. Super Rod location: Good Rod location: Route " "Marfeny lake or on route , super rod". Sadly i don't have Programming skills and the necessary Programs to do that The only thing that I can do is to Change the starter pokemon and the Products of Pokemart.

    You can find a pidove at Marfeny Lake. The hoenn starters are in inhore City, at University. Since nobody else has reported this, I guess the problem is only with the mega version. Looked around for a while but couldn't find any info other than the fact that you can buy them from a shop in the second region. How do I enter world championship??? Two people blocks my way. What do I do? Which version? Final is not a new update; it's been out for years. It does not have the split. Actually if this is downloaded onto your device as a.

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please be aware that some of the cheats and other information provided are not tested, so use them at your own risk. Wesley FG Game base: Pokemon Ruby English Release date: October 27th, Latest update: May 11th, Status: Complete Source: Android users Windows users Mac users.

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    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android
    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android
    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android
    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android
    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android
    pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android Pokemon platinum gba rom free download for android

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