Best smartphones so far 2013

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What size options are available, and do those big screens offer wide-enough viewing angles? Smartphone Camera Shootout No one wants a drab slab of a phone. Drab slabs brought up the rear. Each of the flagship phones for all nine brands were compared side-by-side both with and without any extra features turned on. We also examined the general call quality and built-in technologies.

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If you can only get a specific brand through one carrier, the customer loses. By taking top honors for user interface, special features and selection, Samsung wins big as the best smartphone brand of the year. In fact, Samsung placed first, second or third in every category except design. And we expect to continue to see great things from this brand in the year to come.

Best & Worst Smartphone Brands 2013

Apple took top prize in the reviews, design and camera categories, and it placed among the top three for user interface, battery life, display and audio. Only a relative lack of special features held Apple from the top spot, tying the brand with HTC for second place in our overall showdown. A best-in-class display, a toned-down Sense interface and excellent audio on the HTC One helped this brand earn a two-way tie with Apple for the silver in our first showdown.

The Best Android Phones of 2013!

HTC also does a fairly good job juggling multiple platforms. The Windows Phone 8X proved to be a quality device both in terms of design and performance.

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But there are always some smartphones that shine brighter than the rest. Smartphones were sleeker and more stylish than ever in and there are a number of models from at least half a dozen vendors that were serious contenders in this category. HTC really outdid itself with the One. The aluminum case is absolutely gorgeous and the convex back sits perfectly in the hand.

Best smartphones 2013

Around front, the way the glass covering the screen spills over the sides of the phone and aligns perfectly with the chamfered bezel is masterful. Core counts and gigahertz took center stage in as quad-core mobile processors gained popularity and Samsung even released a few phones powered by an in-house eight-core chipset.

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But as it turns out, it only took two CPU cores to power our performance champ. With a dual-core processor clocked at just 1.

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Alongside iterative upgrades like an improved processor, larger 5. This makes for a considerably more compelling reason to buy the phone, and it still offers an excellent megapixel camera. Perhaps the one downside is the relatively limited 32GB internal storage, with no option for expanding this via microSD. The LG G3, announced and released in the first half of , is quite simply the best smartphone LG has ever made — and even six months later, it can still run with the newer rival flagships.

Picking up where the LG G2 left off, the G3 brought a 5. Whether you appreciate the placing of the power and volume buttons on the center of the rear casing is another question. Battery life could have been better though.

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With microSD expansion, a better-than-average-if-not-stellar camera, solid hardware and software tweaks that mostly make sense, the LG G3 was one of the surprise hit handsets of for me. The Xperia Z3 had big boots to fill this year, following the successful Xperia Z2 in Despite having a lot to live up to, the Z3 managed to arrive smaller, thinner and lighter than the previous model — and yet still managed to pack in the same size display, which is pretty impressive. Announced in September , the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bring pretty much the same core experience and design, with the obvious difference being that the Plus is its 5.

More than that though, the camera performance took a step forward — particularly the optical image stabilization on the 6 Plus. The size of the new generation may have been a shock at first, but our reviewer certainly grew to love it.

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