Iphone 4 3g download speed

Also, I tested three 4G hot spots from various carriers for a comparison. Keep in mind that these tests only evaluate data speeds for these phones in San Francisco and are not designed to be representative of data speeds you'll find in your area. Unfortunately, it was the same experience with the iPhone 4S, maybe even worse.

After many trials, I was able to do three tests on a 3G connection that averaged a dismal Kbps for download and an even worse 40Kbps for upload. The iPhone 4, on the other hand, was able to offer about kbps and kbps for download and upload, respectively. Yet, this didn't explain why the iPhone 4 did much better.

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It's faster at uploading, however, at Kbps compared with Kbps of the iPhone 4. Pier 39 Finally, at Pier 39, the iPhone 4S showed that it could really beat the iPhone 4 with 4,Kbps download speed and 1,Kbps upload speed, compared with 2,Kbps download and 1,Kbps upload on the iPhone 4. And the winner is Its data speeds were also more reliable, ranging from Kbps to 1,Kbps down and Kbps to Kbps up at different locations. Though some Sprint iPhone 4S owners have reported significantly slower data speeds , we haven't seen such a change.

The most consistent, however, was the iPhone 4S from Verizon, which averaged between Kbps and Kbps down and between Kbps and Kbps up throughout the city.

Singtel iPhone 4 3G speed

However, Kent tested the phones only at the CNET office, and it's also worth mentioning again that you might get different cellular data rates when testing the same device at different times. Despite all the differences, the numbers showed that the iPhone 4S' data connection, when you can get a 3G connection, is fast enough for most regular Internet needs. In my trials, e-mails came quickly enough, and Google Maps, for the most part, loaded instantly in real time.

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  7. On the other hand, it's not fast enough to make watching streaming videos, such as YouTube, a pleasant experience. I was streaming the same video clips on the phones when moving around the city and none was able to play any of the videos without periodically pausing to rebuffer. My tests also showed that it is disappointing, though not entirely surprising, that the iPhone 4S doesn't support 4G as many had hoped.

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    As expected, the iPhone 4Ses are in no way offering data speeds close to those of a 4G device. The T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot, which was included in the testing, was one of the slower 4G devices I've seen but still averaged around 3,Kbps for download and 1,Kbps for upload, significantly faster than any of the iPhone 4Ses.


    What is Your Fastest iPhone 4 3G Download Speed? (pic)

    So the conclusion is that if you're looking to improve your mobile Internet access and already have an iPhone 4, you should probably skip the iPhone 4S, as it won't make much of a difference. You'll miss out on Siri's soothing voice for now, but she'll most definitely still be there with the next version of the iPhone, which will, hopefully and likely, support 4G.

    After all, most of her answers require a good connection to the Internet anyway. I tried again today.

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    Kovan Sim Card: Micro Upload: I don't know the exact numbers, but I was trying to send an image via email awhile ago. What the hell.

    iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 SPEED TEST ON 3G

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