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It's worth noting that Nokia back in pulled the Here Maps from the App store citing iOS 7 as the reason, claiming that it harmed the 'user experience'. The company on its blog claimed that the Here maps app for iOS has been built from scratch and features new tools. It said, "Here for iOS is a completely different app from the one previously available on the App Store - because the old version was based on HTML5, it had limited features and it wasn't optimised for iOS.

This time we're introducing an experience built for iOS from the ground up with the features and the polished feel that people rightly expect from their favourite map app. The Here maps for iOS offers features such as downloadable maps of countries with offline use; voice-guided turn-by-turn drive or pedestrian navigation for countries with or without an Internet connection ; public transit routing for more than cities in over 50 countries also available offline , and real-time traffic details for more than 40 countries including France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Nokia's Here maps in beta mode was launched for Android in December and was compatible with Android 4. Commenting on the announcement, Sean Fernback, President of Here, said, "We want to bring our maps and services to as many people as possible, no matter whether they are in the car or using a smartphone or smartwatch. Editors' Choice. Add to Wishlist. Reviews Review Policy. Better performance and reliability to make getting around even easier. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Save time on every drive.

You can now use the app offline when you are on the go on your trip, but we prefer to put all our destinations into it in advance so that we can just click each one and be on our way, rather than having to enter addresses etc. As you can see most of our trip to Canada is already planned, we just need to finish Day 2 which is a light day of sightseeing for us.

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With just one place to see how will we cope? To add to the collection click the star in the top right and select which collection to add the place to you can add it to multiple collections for things like hotels. Please note: There is no way to sort a collection so, as we like our collection to be in the order we will visit things on a particular day, we make sure we add them in order we want to see them.

This means that for places like hotels that you might have in multiple collections it is important to add them once all other activities for each of the days have been added so they will appear at the end of the list for that day.

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Looking for things to do on your road trip? Click here to see the resources we use. The example below uses Day 7 of our Nova Scotia itinerary as it has a few more things to do to show you how this works. Then just follow the directions to your destination! Along the top of the options screen leftmost image abov e you can select the mode of transport. Road tripping the USA? Check out our 21 things to see in every state and D.

If so, do you have any other tips for us to increase its functionality? The supplied GPS in one of our French rentals worked on motorways but was hopeless in small towns — after taking us through a pedestrian mall got some odd looks from cafe diners it wanted us to go up a flight of steps. Then took us confidently to the end of a dead end road on what turned out to be exactly the wrong side of town. After some heavy breathing I dug out the phone mount, set the destination and we arrived neatly in front 5 minutes later. We are certainly big fans too, though it has led us astray once or twice, but nothing too serious.

We rely on it on all our road trips and for navigating around towns and cities on foot or public transport. Hi, we love the app too, but we are not the creators of it, just fans who liked it enough to write this guide. To get more destination added you would need to request them from Here WeGo themselves. If you mean you want to avoid toll roads when navigating then this can be configured in settings. Please check out our advanced guide for details. I tried to set a start and end location with GPS coordinates, but it turns it into cities instead.

I want to set up a string of GPS coordinates to walk from one to the other. Can you do that? You could add each GPS location into a collection and then navigate from one to the next. You have to enter them in order though, collections cannot be sorted sadly. Can the App be updated to announce the Destination — whether it is on the Left or Right at the start of the last leg? It announces only when the Destination is reached. Would be a useful improvement for sure. Is this a capability?

I cannot find a way to do this. Does Transit option apply to HGV type vehicles does any one know????? The Transit option in route preferences relates to public transport. Thx for this great app. I really love using it. I wish I knew, that would be a great addition to the program and certainly a feature we would appreciate greatly. Right now we have to enter things in the right order as you say.

5 things you'll love about Nokia Here maps for iOS (and 3 you won't)

I loved Here as it came with my Nokia mobile on Windows 8, and learned to work with it. After upgrading to Windows 10, Here did not work anymore: This is not what I need and was not the case with my Windows version. I tried all possible settings but maybe I did not find them all. Help and suggestions are very welcome as the Rally season is starting. Perhaps it is a bug which will be fixed in a new version soon? What up? Or have selected it from the date picker?

We are not aware of a shortcut button like you suggest, however for intermediate stops, we generally set up the route in advance using the collections feature and then go from place to place within the collection. How come it will not see my SD card? I know how to do it when its shows internal and I think the memory chip which makes it crash.

5 things you'll love about Nokia Here maps for iOS (and 3 you won't) | CIO

Could it be the way I have my card formatted? I did just check my tablet and it sees the SD card no problem. Have you tried a smaller card to see if it works ok with that? I think I was able to use those methods to lay out a route on MapQuest and then download the route to my Samsung phone and the route then appears on the Here. It just offers choices of routes for you to select from. For our road trips, we put all the points we will visit into collections and then go from point to point. If we want to route a specific way or via a point for a scenic drive, for example, we add extra routing points to the collections in order to achieve that.

Collections do sync between devices if you create and are logged into an account. Great tutorial. During the install I was cautioned that the Application may not work on my system. Now all I need to do is find someone who understands its features. Oh and in case you were wondering…it works as intended in my car so far. Cheers Jon. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial and are liking the app, we are just back from a road trip where Here WeGo took us from place to place flawlessly once again: Hi, is there a way to record the route as you drive so you can make the follow the same route in the future?

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I have lost voice navigation and speed alert chimes. Have been using app a few years. Volume on phone is on. Am unable to get it back. It gives voice instructions only for initial at start. Sorry, not sure what to suggest as you have checked the volume is turned up. We have not experienced any issues recently, could just be a bug that will be sorted in the next version.

Do you have another device you could use to see if the same problem occurs? Something went wrong with previous message so here it is again. Your wonderful app has inexplicably ceased to provide spoken instructions and despite reviewing all the software settings all I can now get are the map directions. The settings are unchanged but no voice over.


Could this have anything to do with the bluetooth in my car or some conflict with the manufacturers GPS which is far inferior to the HWG app…until now. Any suggestions to correct the situation gratefully received, thanks. Whilst it would be great if Here WeGo was our app, sadly, we are just fans of the software and use it on all our road trips! Is the car set to receive Bluetooth audio Can you listen to music streamed from your phone? Hi there, I like to plan a trip in summer and wanted to see the distances and instructions before I go there.

The route is always starting at my current position whats quite annoying, how can I define a starting point? Thanks, Gunar. It took me a while to work out how to do this! Hi Lee, Thanks a lot for the hint. It seems that the app is still not finished, I cannot save routes and collections is mostly unusable.

Cheers, Gunar. We save waypoints into a collection and then navigate from one to the other if we want to take a specific route. But generally, we just put all the places we will visit into a collection and then go from one to the next. We even use it to navigate around cities on foot! Thanks for tutorial very helpful I want to use this for bicycle touring in europe without a sim card.

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Nokia here maps offline iphone

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